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Zelnik Realty is a family-owned real estate company involved in many markets across the United States

Our realty company helps numerous retailers through their site selection process. From finding the ideal location for your business to constructing your business, Zelnik Realty can assist you in the process. 

Do you have a retail location that is struggling? Are you looking to gain insight into your location so you can boost its success? Let us take a look and our insights will assist you in determining what factors may be positively or negatively affecting your business’ success!

The services we offer can identify prime locations in a city or state, leading to increased confidence in your project. Using the latest location intelligence analytics, we can determine many different factors that can influence the quality of your real estate decision. Our market analysis is based on information such as accurate foot traffic counts and vehicle traffic counts, trade areas, aggregated customer demographics, consumer habits, industry trends and many more factors that are customized to your business needs. 

Along with our market analysis service, we also have real estate property for sale and lease as well as investment opportunities! 

Interested in a service that is not mentioned? That is the beauty of an independent company: we can be flexible to suit your unique needs! Send us an email inquiry or fill out our contact form and let us know how we help your business thrive!